Observing , speaking, and reading about successful gallerists, artists, and creative minds, there are a couple of topics worth sharing.


We can all agree that at some point in life, a typical phrase crossed our ears: "Even my kid could have done that." [ A black dot on a white canvas]. The answer is yes, but the person who ever had the initiative to do so, made it, and might as well take credit for it. Along with the creativity and imagination, the main process of creating ART is making it happen. Think of a song that you might be able to sing among friends. Yes, it is a set of lyrics and melodies you can very well replicate, but that someone, called an artist, created it at some point. Think of a famous photo taken in a place or event at the same time you and I were present. That is the very first value of ART, bringing it to life.


ART is not objective, it is subjective. What might resonate with me, may or may not resonate with you. People are influenced by many factors over their lifetime: old beliefs, new beliefs, social and personal experiences, trends, style, marketing, etc. A minimalist person may find beauty in zen interiors as well as in minimal visual elements, including ART [ A black dot on a white canvas]. Others may find beauty in elaborated craftsmanship and frescos due to the effort, skills, and talent the artist must have. What we see as beauty is not necessarily predetermined, it is influenced by our perceptions and vision. Some things good artworks have in common, just like melodies for the ears, are balance, harmony, proportion for the eyes and a message for the mind.


Emotion drives humans. ART, that tells a story, is more likely to succeed because it touches the audience's emotions. A most common example is to walk into a museum and leave without a clue of what the artist intended to communicate. However, going to a museum, getting a guide, or even reading a book about the pieces before observing it in person, changes the whole perspective. ART is not just about what we see, it is about what it makes us feel. And that feeling is usually projected from the artist to the audience through the story behind: what the artists really intended to communicate.


Creative minds have to catch up with business people to live from their passion. Marketing is key, a platform can help in a different way compared to the conventional approach via an influential gallery.


We all know life is not what it was only two years ago. Digitalisation is part of our lives, and in the ART world, it is not much different. However, this does not mean artists have to quit their passion and go digital only. There are many ways to take advantage of todays' technology without leaving our passion and manual skills behind. One way to monetise art is by expanding artwork into design products for daily use. For this matter, uniQfy Club just launched an eCommerce platform connecting ART & Design Lovers with Creative Minds offering design items with the touch of artists. A second option would be digitalising physical art and turning them into NFTs, either limited or open editions, allowing Artists to generate income through physical & digital art, and design items without leaving their passion and manual skills behind.

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Stay tuned and learn more! -> How to price you artwork

If you love art & design, take a look at www.uniQfy.club -lots of surprises on the way. If you are a creative mind, the process to be a Q-Member is coming soon. Don't hesitate to reach us out. Let's grow together and spread art all around us.

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